The anxiety of modern developers.

The anxiety of modern developers.


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Every year 😃, there’s something new to learn and play with in the web development space that’s considered something you must use: React, Vue, GraphQL, Docker,Laravel etc. They claim you’ll become a modern developer 🤷‍♂️ .

The obsession with finding better frameworks is killing ideas before they reach the world, and nobody’s really talking about it. By OWEN WILLIAMS.

This has always been the case on the web, too many technology run on it , and the current web stack might might not be supported by the community,as much as it used to be 😤. manyatimes its considered old-school 😟. but I don’t remember it ever feeling this awful.

In our quest for something more modern, we’ve created a mess of developer tooling and ruined the experience of building up the first version of a really great idea 💡. well maybe not so great,but it can be better with the second version 😏.

But, this has all made me wonder: has the modern stack killed experimentation, and shipping bad ideas 🤔 ? Do weird experiments and fun ideas die on the floor, tangled in complexity, more often now 😬? I’d hazard a guess that the answer is yes, and that you should probably skip that hipster framework—for now—as well. Just ship something instead.

let me know what you all think . drop your comments and reviews below 👇👇